Our Preferred Custodian – New Direction IRA

New Direction IRA (NDIRA) is our #1 preferred precious metals IRA custodian, and the specific custodian that we have chosen to integrate into our Closed Loop IRA service. New Direction manages over half a billion dollars in assets such as precious metals, real estate, and equities, and is one of the largest and most trusted  players in the self-directed IRA marketplace.   Having worked with a multitude of custodians over the years, we have found New Direction IRA, Inc. to be incredibly easy to work with, and prompt in expediting your IRA application.

To get started with New Direction IRA, you can create an account directly via this application form:      What Does the Custodian Do?

All IRA accounts are required by Federal law to have an appointed IRA trustee or custodian for your IRA account. IRA Custodians are not legally allowed to sell any investment products, including products for precious metals IRAs. The Internal Revenue Service prohibits a custodian from trading within an IRA for which it is the custodian.  All of the custodian’s compensation must come solely through administrative and service fees.

The duties of an IRA custodian are extremely limited.  Their responsibilities include setting up your self-directed IRA account, ensuring assets are titled correctly, processing your instructions as directed, issuing periodic statements and fulfilling the IRS reporting requirements. An IRA custodian will in no way advise you on your investments or profit from any of the specific investment decisions that you make regarding precious metals IRAs or any other type of investments.

Other Custodians

If you have made the decision to choose a custodian other than New Direction IRA, Inc. we are able to establish your IRA for you outside of our Closed Loop IRA service. Fisher Precious Metals is able to facilitate your precious metals IRA process with any accredited custodian in the marketplace.

Please Note:  Fisher Precious Metals is in no way compensated by New Direction IRA or any other custodian.

We have worked directly with the following custodians in the past: