Precious Metals IRAs and 401ks

It is essential that you work with a dealer that will be willing to walk you through the IRA and 401k process. Whether you’re looking for a gold IRA rollover for an existing account or establish a new one, you want to make sure to purchase the right mix of low premium precious metals. Many gold investment companies will simply expect to take your order and handle the funds transfer and your gold and silver delivery. This is not helpful if you are not sure of what the best way to invest your gold/silver is, or even how much you want to invest in your precious metals IRA.

Our focus is different than that of most dealers.  Most importantly, we will work with you to assess your overall financial picture to determine an appropriate precious metals IRA allocation that will best benefit your financial future. Our focus is not to simply “sell you metals”, but to help you determine how they can best complement your overall portfolio.

Finally, Fisher Precious Metals will take the time to explain the entire process and help you decide the best way to invest your account in a gold and silver IRA.   We will help you to choose the coins and bars that will provide the highest return on your investment and ensure that you will have money to use toward your retirement. We will also make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of money you are investing, where your gold/silver is going and what gold/silver has been purchased with your IRA funds.

Your IRA is your future and you want to pick a company that is going to protect your interests just as well as they protect their own. We’ll help find you the best gold IRA available.

Physical Gold and Silver Bullion and Numismatics

Fisher Precious Metals offers a large inventory of physical gold and silver coins and bars at industry leading prices above spot. Our inventory includes gold and silver coins and bars from National Mints and refiners from around the world. Investing in gold and silver is an excellent way to diversify a portfolio, and precious metals have become a standard asset class for many investment portfolios.

Be advised that all gold and silver items that you buy should meet two prerequisites, low premium and high liquidity. You want the best of both worlds. Yes, you can find lower premium items, but often their demand is poor. You can also find items that have very high liquidity, but their premiums are much higher than one need pay. We take the time to advise you as to how to buy wisely based on your current situation an overall goals.

Additional Services that our firm offers:

  • IRS Qualified Appraisals and Estate Liquidations
  • Buying Unwanted Jewelry, Flatware etc.
  • Depository Storage for Precious Metals
  • Wholesale GIA Diamonds: Buying/Selling
  • Emergency Preparedness Products