Diversify out of a retirement portfolio that is comprised wholly of paper assets in order to better prepare for what the market may bring.

Investment Diversification

Retirement planning in and of itself is both challenging and often complex.  The turbulence of the stock market, combined with our global debt should be enough to convince wise investors of the importance of retirement investment diversification.  Investors that clearly understand the important role that diversity plays in their retirement planning will eventually accumulate and preserve sufficient wealth for their secure retirement.

The typical retirement account position described above is far less diversified than a precious metals IRA, real estate and private equity IRA. Diversification is the key to protecting yourself when markets turn. Precious metals such as gold and silver can help to properly diversify your retirement account so it can perform strongly no matter which way the markets may trend.

Due to changes in tax law, investors now have the opportunity to place a much broader range of approved precious metal coins and bullion in their IRA.  Originally,  IRAs were limited to holding American Eagle gold and silver coins. Today, an IRA can hold a range of  gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion products, all of which must meet specific minimum fineness requirements.  Click here to see the list of IRA approved precious metals.

Tax-Deferred Growth

Many people have already invested in physical precious metals that they hold at home. Those investors are now seeking to maximize the opportunity to generate tax-deferred wealth with gold and silver IRAs.  By utilizing the tax advantages that a self-directed IRA offers, an investor can gain significant growth on their precious metals, beyond that of their gold and silver outside of the IRA.

Increase Liquidity

Not only have gold and other precious metals long been considered one of the few ways to protect assets from high inflation and economic uncertainty, but precious metals are considered liquid assets, meaning they can readily be converted into cash.

Additional ways to increase growth in your precious metals IRA:

  1. Begin contributing to an IRA at the earliest age possible.  That said, don’t let your current age keep you from getting started!
  2. After establishing a precious metals IRA, make consistent annual contributions.
  3. Make sure to rollover all of your retirement savings when you change or leave a job.  Never leave your retirement savings in an old employer’s account!

Adding a precious metals IRA to your retirement account is simple. What is essential is that you find a metals dealer that will concisely guide you through the planning process of determining which precious metals items to include in your IRA and then promptly facilitate the account set up process.  It is truly that easy!