Just Google “Best Gold IRA”, “Best Precious Metals IRA” or “Best Silver IRA” and you will find pages of “precious metals IRA review sites” that rank a specific bullion firm as their number one choice for a precious metals IRA.  Why?  Quite simply, this firm (as well as others in our industry,) pays each of these website owners to post a ranking and review of their firm and other large name bullion companies, assuring that their firm is listed as the number one choice.  None of the review sites are required to actually experience or open a precious metals IRA account with any of the firms listed.  They are simply compensated through an affiliate program that pays them for redirects from their website to the named bullion firm’s precious metals IRA page.

We are different.  Fisher Precious Metals offers the best precious metals IRA available nationwide, and the reasons are simple:

1.  Every review and rating on the internet regarding our firm is authentic.  We have never paid an individual or a website for any form of review or ranking.

2.  We are in the highest standing with the Better Business Bureau and sit on the board of our industry council, The Industry Council for Tangible Assets

3.  We will work with you to find the lowest premium bullion (that means you pay the lowest mark-up) to meet your precious metals IRA needs.

4.  We will partner you with the highest reputed SDIRA (self-directed IRA) custodians in the country.

5.  We offer a smooth and easy online application process called the “Closed Loop IRA”, streamlining all of the application and account set up steps between yourself, the custodian and Fisher Precious Metals.

We welcome the opportunity to ethically serve your gold and silver IRA needs.  We look forward to working with you to diversify and maximize your retirement planning tools and resources!