1. How to Wisely Buy Metals for Your Precious Metals IRA

    Gold IRA myths and lies are prevalent throughout the precious metals dealer community for one reason alone - profit margin.  You might easily be hoodwinked if you don't read the following information on "How to Wisely Buy Metals for Your Precious Metals IRA". I actually had the chance to speak to a salesperson at a competing Gold and Silver IRA company.  They advertise on tv and the radio, so th…Read More

  2. Gold IRA Review Scam

    BUYER BEWARE:  GOLD IRA REVIEW SCAM If you Google “gold IRA reviews” you will be flooded with over 35,000 websites that are “reviewing or ranking” gold IRA companies.  Virtually all of these sites are generated as a result of a HIGH compensation affiliate program being sponsored by a precious metals firm(s). Why does that matter?  Because these “reviews” are simply empty shells, gen…Read More

  3. UBS: Give Up on Stocks and Buy Gold This Year

    2015 was a volatile year for the stock markets, and 2016 opened with a near obliteration of Chinese stocks on the first day back. For this reason, technical analysts Michael Riesner and Marc Müller at UBS told clients in a research note on Wednesday morning that they should plough into gold (emphasis ours): Gold has been trading in a cyclical bear market since 2011. In 2016, we expect gold an…Read More

  4. Checklist for Choosing the Best Gold Dealer

    Due Diligence – Reputation: Reputation is key when dealing with and buying from a precious metals dealer. Make sure the firm that you choose to sell your gold and silver to has a great reputation as well.When considering a bullion dealer, you should check sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Google Pages, YellowPages.com, or other local review sites. Before you do business with any dealer, make sure you do a…Read More

  5. Gold at Five Year Lows Presents Precious Metals IRA Opportunity!

    This has been by far the busiest month for the precious metals IRA portion of our business.  As a longtime national gold and silver bullion dealer, we have offered precious metals IRAs since our inception.  In the last month, we have helped our clients to open more precious metals IRA accounts than we have in any month since we have been in business. The significant price drop in gold, when 22 t…Read More

  6. Margin Debt Breaks Out: Hits New Record 50% Higher Than Last Bubble Peak

    By:  John Fisher  The amount of margin debt just hit a new all-time high of $507 billion, $30 billion more than the month before, and nearly 50% higher than the last bubble peak reached in October 2007. This Zero Hedge story showed up on their website early on Friday afternoon May 29th.  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-29/margin-debt-breaks-out-hits-new-record-50-higher-last-bubble-peak T…Read More

  7. Beware of Paid Precious Metals IRA Review Sites!

    Just Google "Best Gold IRA", "Best Precious Metals IRA" or "Best Silver IRA" and you will find pages of "precious metals IRA review sites" that rank a specific bullion firm as their number one choice for a precious metals IRA.  Why?  Quite simply, this firm (as well as others in our industry,) pays each of these website owners to post a ranking and review of their firm and other large name bu…Read More