thumb-mustaskWe’ve talked before about the four types of metals that are allowed in a precious metals IRA (commonly known as a gold-backed IRA) and the purity that they must have. We also have a great link that allows you to start a new IRA or do a gold IRA rollover with one of our preferred partners. And we’ve talked about how the physical metals aren’t shipped to you but are instead sent to a secured location where they’re held in your name.

But we haven’t talked about how people decide which are the best precious metals to invest in. Some people come in emotionally, thinking that the history of gold and silver means they’ll always be the best choice.

Most people need help. Will gold continue to rise, or is silver the preferred metal for your precious metals IRA? How does someone decide whether platinum or palladium has a better future? Have you been watching the tech sectors to see if the airline industry will be ordering more jets this year, thereby increasing the demand for the palladium in their turbines? Hey, you might, and you might know exactly what you want to invest in.

But if you don’t constantly watch those, that’s where we come in. We’ve been doing this for years and watch the markets every day, helping people do what’s right for their retirement.

We’d love to help you pick your metals, and it will all depend on the markets both long and short term. First, start you gold-backed IRA. Then come back to us and we can help you decide what precious metals to include.