1. How Do People Choose The Precious Metals In Their Gold-Backed IRA?

    We’ve talked before about the four types of metals that are allowed in a precious metals IRA (commonly known as a gold-backed IRA) and the purity that they must have. We also have a great link that allows you to start a new IRA or do a gold IRA rollover with one of our preferred partners. And we’ve talked about how the physical metals aren’t shipped to you but are instead sent to a secured l…Read More

  2. How History And Emotion Play Into The Metals In A Gold-Backed IRA

      There’s more to the worth of something than just how much of it there is. When people pick metals for their gold-backed IRA, they’re bringing with them a lifetime’s-worth of impressions on each...their interest in jewelry, their knowledge of the tech industry, and whether or not their aunt gave them a bar of silver for their 7th birthday. So here we’re going to take a short look at …Read More

  3. Tell Me About The Gold In My Gold-Backed IRA

      Gold. It’s easily the metal most associated with wealth. And while it’s not the most rare metal, it is still the standard of material wealth and the most liquid commodity on earth. But what do you know about gold? Let’s find out a little bit more about what you’ll be investing in It’s history: Gold was probably the first metal that humanity started using. It would certainly stand …Read More

  4. What’s Platinum, And What’s It Doing In My Gold-Backed IRA?

    When you hear “gold-backed IRA” you might think that gold is the only metal legally allowed to be invested as an IRA. Not true. Silver, Palladium, and Platinum are also allowed in a precious metals IRA. So what is platinum, and why is it so precious? Rarity - Platinum is the most rare precious metal you’ve probably heard of (unless you're familiar with rhenium, rhodium, ruthenium, tellurium,…Read More

  5. What’s Palladium, And What’s It Doing In A Gold-backed IRA?

      You’ve probably heard about gold-backed IRA’s, and how gold can be a great way to get into physical metals investing for your retirement plan. But gold isn’t the only metal that can be included in a precious metals IRA. The four that are allowed are gold, silver, platinum...three that most people have heard of, mostly because of their use in jewelry...and palladium. What is palladium,…Read More

  6. The Big Differences Between A Gold-Backed IRA And A Traditional IRA

      Whether you’ve decided on a gold IRA rollover or are starting your precious metals IRA from scratch, you’re to be commended on taking charge of your future. By putting some of your money in a precious metal IRA you’re diversifying, making sure not to keep all your eggs in one basket. So what are the major differences between having a traditional IRA and something like a gold-backed IR…Read More