By:  John Fisher 

The amount of margin debt just hit a new all-time high of $507 billion, $30 billion more than the month before, and nearly 50% higher than the last bubble peak reached in October 2007.

This Zero Hedge story showed up on their website early on Friday afternoon May 29th.

The broad market is tenuous, very tenuous.  When it rolls over, and it will, money will flee to what is safe and sure.  Will you be positioned?

So, what should you do?  If you have an IRA, or certain 401k’s and 403b’s, you can move some of that money that is currently in stocks and bonds into a Precious Metals IRA and own the physical metals in your retirement account.  It is an easy and cost effective way to own gold and silver with  your retirement fund assets, all tax deferred or tax free.  Enjoy a simple and streamlined precious metals IRA process with our Closed Loop IRA.